Your golf club’s points program

With Clapphouse you can build customer loyalty in a variety of different and innovative ways. For example, the club can launch its own points program to surprise and entertain its customers.


Give points for the achievement of milestones.

We wanted to avoid a program simply based on a “discount.”

From the “take x points for every 100 euros of consumption”.

A gamification-based point program has greater potential.

The club defines the events and the number of points it will award in each case.

And the customer enjoys achieving the different milestones and accumulating points that can be later redeemed for different gifts.

Points may or may not expire.

Automated grant of points.

Do you want to award certain points per game played? Done!

Do you want to give points also for participating in a tournament? Done!

Do you want to give away points when it’s the customer’s birthday? Done!

The club can configure multiple options to assign points automatically.

For reservations according to the day and time of the week… by type of tournament… and in multiple other scenarios!

Manual granting and settings.

Do you want to carry out any other non-automated initiatives?

Maybe you want to launch an original challenge and give points to those who overcome it?

Done too!

Launch the initiative you want and then assign the points manually or semi-manually.

When the time comes, the club will only have to create a manual adjustment… or an automated campaign.

And add the right details.

A dynamic gift catalog.

You can publish and modify your gift catalog at any time.

Do you want to offer a different catalog for each customer category? Done!

The best?

You can make a catalog of points with products that represent a negligible real cost for the club

… and complement it at any time with interesting gifts from external collaborators that add additional appealing.

New business options.

The points program allows the club to offer new sponsorship formulas.

“New challenge of the month sponsored by… Overcome the challange and take 1,000 points.”

Fast. Flexible.

The sponsor buys a certain amoung of points and the club entertains its players with a sponsored challenge.

There are also other interesting options to explore. Interested?

An audited, detailed record for maximum peace of mind.

All points movements are duly recorded. And the club can consult its associated details at all times.

Fully auditable. And 100% secure.