Communicate with your customers quickly and relevantly

Easily send campaigns of all kinds. Create automations and let Clapphouse work autonomously for you. Targeted and customized campaigns.


Outside and inside the app… in real time.

The club can send all kinds of campaigns according to 5 different categories.


And Clapphouse can display the campaign message both out of the app (in “push” mode)

… as well as within the app in the “Notifications” section.

If there are pending notifications to read,we will notify the user of this. And when notifications become irrelevant, we automatically delete them.

Automatic selection of the message language.

Clapphouse is able to manage the sending of a campaign in multiple languages.

The club only has to translate the content of the message…

… and Clapphouse is responsible for sending the campaign in the preferred language selected by each user.

Available languages? Those who have decided to enable the club prior to the launch of the app.

Segmenting to be relevant.

Sending a campaign to all users may be justified from time to time.

But to be relevant, and offer a personalized experience, one needs to segment.

And Clapphouse offers multiple targeting options.

You can send a campaign to a manually selected user or group of users, upload an external recipient list, or easily target based on different variables such as the customer’s category, age, country of residence, or interests.

Internal and external links.

On more than one occasion it may be necessary to send a notification with a link.

And Clapphouse allows you to do it in multiple ways.

You can add an external link to a website…

… or you can add a link to an internal Clapphouse element as an item in the Information section or a particular tournament.

You choose what you need in each case.

Plan and highlight notifications.

Notifications can be sent immediately…

… or be planned for a specific date and time.

Alternatively, it is also possible to highlight a notification in a special way up to a particular date and time.

Different uses for different purposes and needs.

Designed to optimize the operation of the club.

Creation of automated campaigns.

In addition, with Clapphouse the club can create a multitude of smart campaigns that will be automatically sent to each user of the app when a certain condition is met.

For example, when a customer activates the app for the first time, when it’s the client’s birthday or when the customer has not played for more than 15 days.

Once the campaigns are created, Clapphouse works autonomously to build loyalty among customers and generate more business for the club.

An artificial brain at your club’s disposal.