All club reference information with one click

Inform your customers. About any aspect of your interest. Inside the app. Very simply


Up to 25 different elements.

The club may publish all kinds of information of the user’s interest.

Useful information for players such as the slopes table, details of each hole,or the position of the flags.

Or any other reference document such as the menu of the day, local rules, club bylaws or the latest store promotion.

We even have 5 wild spaces for special needs!

PDF format for a better experience.

In each case, the club can publish a PDF document.

Thanks to the use of this universal format, the operation by the club is simplified.

In addition, the user experience is more consistent when viewing published information, regardless of the mobile device used to access it.

For an optimal experience, it is advisable to publish PDFs specifically designed to be viewed on mobile devices.

Support for multiple languages.

Like a website it is possible to publish documents in different languages

… so is it at Clapphouse.

The club only has to upload a PDF for each of the enabled languages.

Thus, each user will be able to consult the information in their preferred language.

And transparently. For a better experience.

Decide who can see the information.

The solution is able to discriminate at all times between different categories of client.

Do you want a document to be visible only to members? Done!

Do you prefer it to be consulted by anyone? Done!

For each piece of information, the club can decide which app users will be able to view it at any given time.

Reorders the elements.

Priorities are changing.

That is why it may be necessary at some times to give greater visibility to one piece of information than to another.

To change the publishing order of active information items, the club simply drag and drop the chosen item into its new position.

Really easy. Very fast.