Promote your club events effectively

Nearly 20 event categories! Tournaments and other activities. Online registrations,automated publication of schedules and ratings,photos, …


A single space for all kinds of events.

Clapphouse was ideal for the promotion and management of golf tournaments.

Of course.

And now also for all kinds of events beyond golf.

In Clapphouse you will find everything you need for the effective promotion and management of your events.

Whatever event your club wants to organize.

Manage registrations with your preferred system.

The “ENROLL ME” button can be configured in multiple ways.

You will be able to use the system of your choice in each case to manage the registration process.

A Google form? An external online system? Phone call?

All these options are possible.

Of course, we also have 2 own systems for online registration management:“Quick Enrollment” and “PRO Inscriptions”.

“PRO Inscriptions” will surprise you with its flexibility.

There is no system on the market for online enrollment management wich is more flexible that ours.

Whatever your need, you’re sure to be satisfied with our system. 100% customizable. We are able to adapt the system to your management flow.

Automated quota management, waiting lists, gamification, online registration collection, … and much more! For only €0.25 / managed registration application!

Online registration system fully integrated with Clapphouse. Users of the app do not have to fill in their personal data.
Maximum flexibility in customizing the registration process for each particular club.
Hundreds of possible formats for all kinds of questions and other options in each of the steps of the enrollment process.
Automated quota management for any number of shifts, creation of waiting lists, … the club can open the registration process and forget about it!
Possibility to apply all kinds of logic to show or hide the different questions according to the user’s answers.
A universe of possibilities to increase the attractiveness of the registration and entertaining process.
“PRO Registrations” allows you to collect additional information with which to energize the tournament. It also offers multiple opportunities for all types of sponsorships.
Of course, it is also a very good tool to ensure compliance with the new regulation on the protection of personal data at all times.

Module developed with the collaboration and co-financing of Real Club de Golf La Peñaza and Golf Club Scorpión.

Automated management throughout the event.

Once the tournament is created, you can ununderd.

Clapphouse is able to manage most of the functions associated with an event in an automated manner.

For example, the club can schedule the opening and closing of registrations very easily.

And Clapphouse automatically notifies those interested users in real time.

We customize schedules and rankings.

Clapphouse is also able to report in a personalized way.

About tee-off times and the results of a tournament.

Very simple, and without sending any SMS.

The club can keep all participants informed on time at all times.

Protecting user privacy.

What if you could choose who will see the information for an event?

For example, make the schedules and rankings of a tournament visible only to those who have participated.

Clapphouse incorporates multiple mechanisms and configuration options to safeguard the privacy of its users.

Your club chooses the level of privacy in each case.

A business profile with multiple possibilities.

4 main views specifically designed for different purposes. Selling, promoting, categorizing and informing. To boost registrations while simplifying club operations.