Offer and promote any club service

You can publish all kinds of value-added services. Related to golf or not. And customize each customer’s experience intelligently.


Publication of additional services.

A multitude of services are offered in a club. Several of them beyond golf.

What if it was possible to bring them closer to the client in the club app? It is!

Clapphouse has a “Services” section in which the club can publish all kinds of value-added services to make things easier for the customer.

Booking a lesson, responding to a survey, registering for a special event, requesting a correspondence, booking a massage, buying a pro-shop product, checking the weather forecast, browsong a 360 view, …

Smart dynamic links.

For each service, the club can customize the featured image and action texts.

It must also indicate the link to the external service in question.

Additionally, Clapphouse has the ability to share certain information with the third party so that it can offer a better customer experience.

For example, it is possible to expedite an enrollment or booking process to the maximum by avoiding the user the hassle of having to identify himself, or customizing a promotion depending on who the customer is.

In and out of the app.

These additional services can be offered both inside and outside the app.

If the external service is mobile-ready, it may be better to encapsulate that service so that the user does not need to leave Clapphouse.

Otherwise, it may be necessary to re-direct the user to the external website so that they can manage their request without problems.

Service to service,the club can decide the best option.

Dozens of use cases to explore.

Imagination is the limit!