You only pay if your customers use Clapphouse

We offer you multiple pricing plans for different needs.

Plans that are automatically adjusted month by month so that you pay only for the value we contribute.

Starting at 0.99 euros per active user per month!


Clapphouse is offered under the following 4 pricing plans. No setup fees or minimum permanence.



per active user and month

Access to all basic features without restrictions under a pay-as-you-go mode. Ideal for clubs with a high rotation of visitors. Maximum of 150 active users.

Monthly Plan “S”


per month

From 150 active users and up to 250 active users per month. Ideal for small clubs with a stable mass of recurring customers.

Monthly Plan “M”


per month

From 250 active users and up to 500 active users per month.

Monthly Plan “L”


per month

It is the plan in which clubs with a greater mass of loyal customers end up. Clubs in this plan enjoy an unlimited number of active users per month.


All pricing plans include all standard Clapphouse features.


You can create and send as many campaigns as the club wants. However, we do not allow spam to be sent.


Post as much information and services as you want, and promote all club events effectively.


Communication languages, graphic materials, customer interests, app behavior…


Unlimited access to the solution’s web manager via https and creation of as many nominal users as you need.


The club is co-responsible for the processing of the personal data of the users of the app, and has access to it.


The club has access to a world-class support service via dedicated phone, helpdesk and WhatsApp.

Help portal

An open help portal where clubs can find their answers without contacting us.

Do you want YOUR INDEPENDENT APP to boost your brand to the fullest? It’s also possible!

We’ve created a standalone Clapphouse replica so you can customize it as much as you want. In this case there is a setup cost of around €3,500 depending on the specific needs of the club, and subsequently a fixed monthly fee of €299.

4 specialized modules for the most sophisticated golf clubs and better management of the post-COVID-19 era

The club may complement the standard Clapphouse features included in the monthly pricing plans with some of the following paid add-on modules.

Registrations PRO

The most advanced online registrations management system on the market. For only €0.25 / registration request managed!


Digital ID

A revolutionary ID card to support the digitization of the most critical processes. A dynamic and safe ID card. For only €589 / year!


Self check in

Allows your players to check in from their mobile. Enables secure contactless operations for employees and players.


Charge on account

Enable the ability to charge on account through Clapphouse. Assisted and unassisted mode for all types of points of sale.


AMPLIFY your campaigns with the “Advertising” module

Use privileged storefronts to announce your initiatives and boost your value proposition for sponsors. From €299 / year for internal use or €899 / year in case of wanting to market such spaces.