We enhance the social life of your club

Customers can connect with each other and interact in different ways. So, they enjoy the club more and the club increases its income


We connect the players.

A lifeless club is not a club.

And in a club customers connect,they interact.

Clapphouse allows the club to have its own social network, a space in which its customers can connect with each other.

And enjoy the club more with their friends.

We enhance the bond between players…

… and between the players and the club.

Guests are encouraged to stop by the club.

This is possible thanks to our “buzzes”.

User-generated notices to inform their friends about different events.

“I’m at the club.” I said, “I’m going to the club tomorrow.”

Just click a button to alert friends.

And friends react.

And your clients go to the club more, and they spend more time at it.

We get your customers to play more.

Every time a friend has a reservation, we let their friends know about it.


And we get to activate a lot of players who didn’t have any plans.

And be encouraged to play with their friends.

And all this automatically,without any intervention by the club.

By the way! Of course, we only notify friends if the user has allowed it.

Real-time availability query.

Your customers no longer have to call the club to check availability to join a game.

They can check availability in real time from the app.

For any game a friend participates in.

And if they are lucky, the may join the game in a very simple way.

Unlucky? They might make a reservation for another time!

Easy. Very easy.

Living the competition with friends.

We also encourage friends to participate in the various club events.

When a player signs up for an event, we alert their friends in real time.

Participating in a tournament with friends is more entertaining, isn’t it?

Friends cheer up. And they participate more.

In the case of a tournament, we also inform customers of each other’s rankings.

In a personalized way.

Customization of the profile photo.

A social network without profile photos would not be a social network.

Each user can customize their photo easily.

Users can upload their own photo…

… or randomly select a photo from the those proposed by us.

This makes it easier for each user to identify their friends.

And it also allows you to organize different creative games.

Dedicated section for friend notifications.

All friend-related notifications are displayed in a dedicated section.

So as not to mix them with campaigns sent by the club.

This makes it easier for users to find out…

… while ensuring that they will not miss any important notifications sent by the club.

At Clapphouse, every detail matters.