Bye bye physical id cards… and welcome the new Clapphouse digital id!

Never before have you seen such a multifaceteddigital card. Multiple use cases in a single digital card. A dynamic and safe card. And customizable, of course.


A QR code to encode the data you want.

The selected data is encoded under a QR code…

… with a higher level of protection to ensure the correct reading of the id by a third party.

The best? The QR code can encode a multitude of data simultaneously!

Customer-specific data… and many other useful pieces of data for different purposes!

Its appearance is easily customizable

Do you prefer it green? Maybe lilac?

Never mind! We support any color.

You can also customize the icon that appears in the center of the QR code…

… descriptive texts of the same.

Sophisticated… and safe

Clapphouse’s digital card enables multiple security mechanisms.

Mechanisms that the club can activate or not to your liking, and as needed.

The card can incorporate a timestamp to prevent misuse of the same…

… and the club can also encrypt the encoded information for maximum security.

For all types of customers

Members… and non-members.

Or any other customer category.

Each and every Clapphouse user can have their specific digital customer id.

The club can configure the card differently for each type of client.

A keychain… with multiple keys

Clapphouse’s digital card can be adapted to multiple use cases.

As many as the club wants and need!

For each use case, the club can specify which customer information will be encrypted, and other security requirements.

This allows for a higher level of privacy by processing only the strictly necessary personal data.