Options to collaborate with us?

Multiple. We are already transforming the golf industry, but we cannot do it alone.


Interested in STRENGTHENING YOUR BRAND in the golf industry? We offer you 3 unique formulas.

Sponsorship of the app

Starting at € 15,000 you can become the main sponsor of Clapphouse. More than 40 golf clubs throughout Spain, ca. 20,000 users with a monthly activity ratio of over 60%, and thousands of quality impacts.

Support for innovation

Clapphouse is a living solution in constant evolution. In which innovation is very present in all its details. Can you help us speed up the development of the app by sponsoring some of the new functional modules?

Loyalty programs

Starting at € 500 it is possible to sponsor different, custom-made challenges to promote the sponsor brand. It is also possible to include your own product in the gift catalog of the loyalty program of each club.

An OPEN solution with multiple INTEGRATION opportunities

Clapphouse’s success lies largely in its close integration with the club’s management system.

Thanks to this, the club enjoys a more attractive value proposition and the management system provider manages to retain the club more effectively.

Without worrying about the development of a mobile app.

For your app development needs, we are here to help. We are specialists.

Shall we integrate?

In addition, Clapphouse integrates easily and in multiple ways with other leading digital solutions in their respective spaces. Third party solutions that we know very well.

The Clapphouse ECOSYSTEM is very broad. Do you dare to PARTICIPATE in it actively?

Note: The logos included in the image are shown for illustrative purposes only. Not all the companies that appear in it currently have a business relationship with The Mulligan Factory.

Do you have a SPECIAL PROJECT in mind for which you need an APP? Clapphouse could be your ideal platform.


Do you manage multiple clubs? Do you have several owned clubs that you market under a single brand that encompasses them? We can generate your OWN CUSTOM APP for all the clubs that are part of the portfolio.


Would you like to unleash the full potentialof your Federation to attract new playersand retain existing ones? Clapphouse is a CUSTOMIZABLE PLATFORM that has all the functional modules necessary for it.

Other idea?

If you believe that Clapphouse can be a good technological platform on which to develop your next idea, do not hesitate to contact us. We love to meet new projects and collaborate with them!

We are ready to EXPAND. Can you help us?

We want to replicate in other markets the success that Clapphouse has had in the Spanish market.

Are you a resident in another country and you know the golf industry there well? Do you have a wide network of contacts? Are you an entrepreneur? Let’s talk!

We can deploy the solution with our own brand … or adopt a WHITE BRAND MODEL.