Clapphouse’s features make it a unique app

Clapphouse is an app like no other. Here we present to you the 10 main features that make up its DNA and make it so special.


Aimed at customers of golf clubs.

Clapphouse is a solution designed to help golf clubs retain customers.

It is a private and exclusive app for club customers who have already been previously registered as such.

The customer does not create a new account with username and password

… but is identified as a customer and the solution validates its identity.

So the club can then effectively interact and retain each client,because it knows who is who.

A complete and comprehensive app.

Clapphouse is integrated (really integrated) with the club’s management system, allowing it to cover all critical areas of a golf club type.

“Digital ID”, “Reservations”, “Events”, “Friends”, “Notifications”, “Information”, “Points Program”, …more than 100 functionalities!

… and thanks to its “Services” module it can be easily integrated with multiple third-party solutions.

It can be customized.

The solution supports multiple customizations.

Images, logos, texts, distribution of menus, behavior of the app, …

And it is available under two operating models: “shared app” and “standalone app”.

In the first model the club has its own app but benefits from being part of a community of golf clubs and lower costs.

In the “standalone app” model, the club is isolated from the rest but can better enhance its brand.

We protect customer privacy.

Clapphouse strictly complies with the GDPR. And both The Mulligan Factory and the club are co-responsible for the processing of personal data.

If not, none of the reference clubs that have long used Clapphouse would have contracted our services.

We take the privacy of our users very seriously, and that is why we develop all kinds of controls so that they are in control of their information at all times.

In addition, the club has multiple options to further protect the privacy of its customers (e.g. how to enable privacy mode at any of the organized events).

With excellent usability.

The percentage of active users / month is usually above 60% in most clubs.

This is due to the great utility that the app has for them, but also to its excellent usability.

Clapphouse was designed from the beginning to be easy to understand and use by all customers,regardless of gender and age.

And the numbers speak for themselves. We’ve made it.

Making it easier for clubs to be relevant.

We firmly believe in the individualization of experience,that is, in being able to be relevant to each individual.

To do this, Clapphouse provides clubs with a multitude of information and tools to better understand their customers and better segment their initiatives and communication.

Thanks to the solution, clubs can develop a more useful profile of each client, and then use that information to offer you a better service.

It is a plural and inclusive solution.

With Clapphouse the club can offer an excellent experience to all types of customers, members and non-members, national and foreign, in several languages.

Clapphouse is an ideal travel companion for every golf club.


Clapphouse adapts and grows with your club. It has multiple modules that can be activated or deactivated to the club’s liking.


Clapphouse is a solution capable of working autonomously. Once launched, the solution works for the club automatically, saving time to the team and retaining customers more effectively.


Always there. Both the solution and the factory team. 365 days a year at all hours. For both Android and iOS. So that the club remains always open.