Multiple featured advertising spaces and formats

High impact showcases. Perfectly integrated within the app. Both for internal use and to enhance the offer for club sponsors.


Maximum exposure when the app is opened.

Users use Clapphouse an average of 9-10 times a month.

Thus, the screen that is displayed each time the app is opened is seen thousands of times each month.

Now, those clubs that wish, have the possibility to activate the special “Advertising” module to be able to customize said screen to their liking.

Otherwise, it is The Mulligan Factory that decides the content displayed at any given time.

Using the home screen.

Once inside the club account, the user displays the home screen. This screen is a phenomenal showcase. And the club can use such a showcase for multiple purposes.

Note: Any sponsorship shown in the images is purely illustrative. The Mulligan Factory has no commercial relationship with the trademarks displayed.

Advertising in the profile of each event.

The new profile of each event allows the inclusion of advertising between the main view and the view with the characteristics of the particular event.

Why not showing advertising from the tournament organizer? Maybe you want to show advertising from an event contributor or sponsor?

In the case of activating the “Advertising” module,the club can use this new functionality to enhance its bonds with third parties in the context of each organized event.

Are you interested?

Know your preferences and interests.

We are in the age of “individualization”.

It is essential to know better each client, each person.

Does your club know your customers? Their individual tastes?

Beyond the numbers and reports?

Through Clapphouse, customers will first-hand inform you about their preferences and interests so you can better personalize their experience.