Clapphouse is the app that your golf club needs today. We invite you to discover it

The Clapphouse solution has been specifically designed for the golf industry, and is very useful for all types of golf clubs


Clapphouse helps the golf club manage the relationship with its members so that their experience is excellent in every interaction with the club.

Pay & Play

Thanks to Clapphouse, Pay & Play golf clubs are able to get to know their clients better, and increase loyalty income by standing out from the competition.


Even in the case of resorts, Clapphouse plays a fundamental role in holistically serving the customer better and performing internal cross-selling.

Able to attract the interest of any type of client regardless of their visit frequency


Clients who visit the club more frequently find in Clapphouse everything they need to enjoy the club more with their colleagues, at the club and outside of it.


Clients who do not visit the club very often find in Clapphouse updated information and services for greater enjoyment, and receive promotions of their interest.


Clapphouse allows the club to offer them a better experience from the beginning so that they can take better memories of their time at the club.l

For all kinds of use cases and club priorities, for better crisis management… and beyond


With Clapphouse the club can digitize most of the key customer interaction processes, optimizing the club’s internal operations and making it a little more “contactless”.


The solution offers a large number of functionalities specifically designed so that the golf club can more effectively market its products and services at origin and destination.


The options for this are multiple in Clapphouse. The club can entertain the client with more traditional proposals, or with disruptive initiatives of all kinds.

A complete app integrated into the club’s operations

“Reservations”, “Events”, “Notifications”, “Information”, “Services”, “Digital ID”, …

Clapphouse covers the fundamental areas of a golf club and much more.

Furthermore, it may closely integrate with the golf club’s management system, which allows optimizing operations on multiple fronts.

Its innovative customer identity validation system makes it a unique solution when interacting with the customer.